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Aug 28

[Incense Introduction] Nippon Kodo – Cafe Time Incense – cones


[Incense Introduction] Nippon Kodo – Cafe Time Incense – cones What about enjoying incense cones in the morning or while relaxing in the evening? They burn fast and spread the fragrance well, so it is a perfect choice for a little time for yourself. There are two fragrances in each tube! You can try each …

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Jul 25

Insect Repelling Incense – Perfect for Summer!


[Products Introduction] Insect Repelling Incense: – 2 coils and holder – 8 coils – 20 sticks with a dedicated holder This is a gentle insect repelling incense created with the use of natural citronella and neem ♪ It has a bittersweet citronella and citrus fragrance. The burning time of coils is approx. 2 hours and …

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Jul 04

[Kohgen Ginza Store] New incense corner at our store.


[Kohgen Ginza Store] Today we have created a special corner at our Kohgen store in Tokyo. We will be introducing incenses of different makers using it. The first maker we want to introduce in this corner is Kunjudo that comes from Hyogo Prefecture – a birthplace of Japanese incense. You can find here many different …

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Jun 20

Incense on a Father`s Day


June is the month during which many countries celebrate Father`s Day. The exact date differs, but the feelings stay the same. What about expressing your gratitude by giving a special incense as a gift? There is a perfect choice for this occasion: Father`s Back incense from Daihatsu maker! It is an Agarwood-base incense that fragrance is …

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May 30

Mini stick incenses of Gyokushodo brand – Room Incense range – Rin and Sho


Hello Everyone! It`s very hot in Japan today, so we are burning refreshing mini stick incenses of Gyokushodo brand – Room Incense range – Rin (citrus) and Sho (coniferous trees). It`s perfect to burn in your living room and lift up your mood this way! There are large boxes and trial sizes to choose: Rin …

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May 25

Kyoyaki incense burner, Kenzante Bamboo


[Incense Burner Introduction] Kyoyaki incense burner, Kenzante Bamboo Today we would like to introduce a Kyoto ware incense burner with a simple design of bamboo. When you look at it, you can feel the freshness like when entering a bamboo thicket. Through the ages, a rapidly growing bamboo is considered as a lucky omen. We …

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Apr 11

[Kohgen Ginza Store] – Incense Making Workshop


  We have held the fragrant sachets incense making workshop. The attendees were 3 close friends and what is more, one of them came to our store from China!   Even though they were using the same ingredients, everyone was able to create the unique and cute sachets.  

Apr 10

[Kohgen Ginza Store] – [Campagin Advance Notice]


During 5 days from April 14th to April 18th, everyone who make a purchase for 3,240 JPY or above, will have a chance to draw a ticket and win incense samples more exclusive than the ones we usually give away! (^o^) We are waiting for you at Kohgen Ginza Store♪ Access: see Google Maps here …

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Mar 23

Unique Incense Making Workshops


Today we had many guests attending incense making workshops at all 3 Kohgen stores in Japan. Among them, there were two little brothers who were making fragrant bags and incense cones! This time they were figuring out what other shapes are possible♪ Btw. when you look at the second photo there is “1+1=2” written in …

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Mar 21

“Sakura Corner” at our Kohgen Ginza Store!


Sakura – Japanese cherry blossoms are going to bloom soon at the end of this month ♪ We have prepared a “Sakura Corner” at our Kohgen Ginza Store in Tokyo! The sakura incenses differ from each maker and item, so it`s very interesting to compare them! There are also Yume no Yume series gift sets …

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