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May 25

Kyoyaki incense burner, Kenzante Bamboo


[Incense Burner Introduction] Kyoyaki incense burner, Kenzante Bamboo Today we would like to introduce a Kyoto ware incense burner with a simple design of bamboo. When you look at it, you can feel the freshness like when entering a bamboo thicket. Through the ages, a rapidly growing bamboo is considered as a lucky omen. We …

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Apr 04

Incenses Recommended in April

april recommended

Hello Incense Lovers! This time we would like to introduce the incenses we picked up as recommended this month. We hope that everyone will find some new fragrances or brands you have never tried yet!   Kohgen Original Incense, Japanese Fragrances Hinoki, 100 sticks This is an original item of our Kohgen store and belongs …

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Mar 13

[New Arrival – incense burners]


We have new Kutani and Kyoto ware incense burners! We recommend them not only for everyday use but also as a gift. There are different sizes and designs, so please visit our stores in Japan or Kohgen World website to see them! Incense burners on Kohgen World site: http://kohgenworld.jugemcart.com/?mode=srh&cid=&keyword=kyoyaki&page=1  

Mar 06

Kutani ware incense burner

Yusai Kutani ware

Today we would like to introduce a wonderful Kutani ware, Yusai technique, Hakuho-gama, incense burner No. 3.7 Stylish design with the contrast of blue and vertical gradients. For us it reminds a moment of entering under the water of a waterfall. What are your connotations? Feel free to visit our store in Tokyo (Ginza) to …

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Mar 02

Recommended in March

recommended in march

February has just begun, so we made the update of recommended items on our Kohgen World top page! Spring is just around the corner, so we have picked up some floral scents such as Sakura cherry blossom and Japanese Plum (Ume). Their themes are also present on the incense burners and holders we selected. If …

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