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8月 28

[Incense Introduction] Nippon Kodo – Cafe Time Incense – cones


[Incense Introduction] Nippon Kodo – Cafe Time In …

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8月 11

[Incense Making Class] – Great Opportunity When Sightseeing Japan


[Osenkō Making Class] Lately, we had a wonderful incens …

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8月 01

kohgenworld.com – August Campaign

We have received many positive feedback about the Summe …

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7月 06

KohgenWorld Online Store Has Changed Its Website Address


Hello Incense Lovers! We would like to remind you that …

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6月 20

Incense on a Father`s Day


June is the month during which many countries celebrate …

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6月 15

New arrival on Kohgen World website!


Today we have registered and burning a green tea incens …

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6月 08

New Kohgen World Website is Opened Now!

new Kohgen World

We are happy to announce a new Kohgen World website! ww …

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4月 10

[Kohgen Ginza Store] – [Campagin Advance Notice]


During 5 days from April 14th to April 18th, everyone w …

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4月 03

Purchase on Kohgen World website and get incense holder and plate!


Do you know that April 18th (Tue.) is the Incense Day? …

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3月 29

Report from Incense Making Workshops

Incense workshop report(2)

Hello Incense Lovers! Lately, we receive a lot of appli …

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