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Mar 30

Today we have opened a new Kohgen Maker`s Pier Store!


10:00 AM, March 30 (Thursday) – Grand Open of our new Kohgen Maker`s Pier Store! We have made all the preparations in advance and the store is running since its pre-open on March 13th, but today we had the Grand Open! Today, there was a Grand Open of a shopping district called Maker`s Pier in …

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Mar 30

[Media About Us] We have taken part in “Mutsumi`s Super Tuesday” broadcast on MID-FM!


Master Katsura Koharudanji – Kamigata-style rakugo comedy storyteller has participated in the “Mutsumi`s Super Tuesday” broadcast on MID-FM together with our Kohgen store owner Kikuya!   The broadcast was a PR for a rakugo comedy event planned at Small Theatre in Nakamura District Culture Center on April 19th. It seems that our owner was invited …

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Mar 29

Report from Incense Making Workshops

Incense workshop report(2)

Hello Incense Lovers! Lately, we receive a lot of applications for incense making workshops! We are very happy that the number of people interested in Japanese incense is constantly growing! When you are making the incense yourself, you are able to create your own compounding and you can feel more attached to the aroma. Our …

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Mar 28

We held a seminar for Japanese Incense Manufacturers at Nagoya Kohgen Store!


We have organized a seminar for Japanese Incense Manufacturers at Nagoya Kohgen Store! The meeting took place in the Seminar Room on the second floor of our store and the main topic was “The Future of Incense”. There were 15 Japanese incense making companies that attended the seminar.  (We were very happy to host well-known …

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Mar 23

Unique Incense Making Workshops


Today we had many guests attending incense making workshops at all 3 Kohgen stores in Japan. Among them, there were two little brothers who were making fragrant bags and incense cones! This time they were figuring out what other shapes are possible♪ Btw. when you look at the second photo there is “1+1=2” written in …

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Mar 21

“Sakura Corner” at our Kohgen Ginza Store!


Sakura – Japanese cherry blossoms are going to bloom soon at the end of this month ♪ We have prepared a “Sakura Corner” at our Kohgen Ginza Store in Tokyo! The sakura incenses differ from each maker and item, so it`s very interesting to compare them! There are also Yume no Yume series gift sets …

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Mar 16

Various trial size incenses


The weather is changing very fast in Japan now. When it`s sunny, we are displaying trial size incenses outside of our Kohgen Ginza store. When it`s raining, you can find them inside! If you are not currently in Japan, but you want to enjoy the incenses from the photos here you have the list and …

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Mar 16

Kohgen Maker`s Pier store had its pre-open!


Hello Everyone, we are happy to inform you that on March 13th there was a pre-open of our new Kohgen store! The store is located at Maker`s Pier. The grand open is planned on March 30! The location of our new store is close to the new Legoland which will be opened in April in …

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Mar 13

[New Arrival – incense burners]


We have new Kutani and Kyoto ware incense burners! We recommend them not only for everyday use but also as a gift. There are different sizes and designs, so please visit our stores in Japan or Kohgen World website to see them! Incense burners on Kohgen World site:  

Mar 10

Find your favorite incense! Kohgen World online store has been updated!

KW blog banner

Would you like to discover new brands of Japanese incenses? Or maybe you are looking for new fragrances to try? If the answer is yes, check out a new menu on Kohgen World site, thanks to which you can easily search incenses by maker/brand or by fragrance. Enjoy _/~

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