We held a handmade incense experience!

kohgenworld_blog_01The other day, we held a lecture on incense making experience as a curriculum for international students studying Japanese.

This time, we made incense sticks.
14 students participated and it was very lively from start to finish!

In the process of mixing agarwood and Incense Ingredients one by one, I heard voices at here and there tables saying “The aroma is getting stronger!”
The teachers also enjoyed the scent mixed with the students and enjoyed the experience.
Finish mixing all ingredients and go to the molding process.
In addition to stick type, cone type and coil type, they made dumpling type, flower type, school initials and other unique shapes.
It was very interesting to go around the tables.
There was also a voice saying “ It’s a waste to use ” lol

Kohgen has an incense making experience at the store.
It is done at the following three stores.
For details, please contact us!

Kohgen Nagoya Store

Kohgen Tokyo Ginza Store

Kohgen Tokyo Uenosakuragi Store