Monthly Archive: 2月 2017

2月 28

New incenses from Nippon Kodo!


Nippon Kodo has released new incenses! Nippon Kodo, Kao …

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2月 21

New Arrival!


Hello Everyone! We have a great news! There is a new fr …

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2月 20

Incense Making Workshop


Last Saturday we held the first fixed-term incense work …

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2月 16

Incense sprays from Osagawa Nisaburo Shoten maker


Incense sprays from Osagawa Nisaburo Shoten maker &#822 …

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2月 13

[Incense Introduction] Kansui incense coils from Kunmeido maker (14 coils)


[Incense Introduction] Kansui incense coils from Kunmei …

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2月 07

Pressed Incense with cute Japanese style patterns

Untitled design

Today we would like to introduce Pressed Incense with c …

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2月 06

Cute Rabbit Incense Holder


Do you like rabbits? What about having this cute one as …

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2月 06

♥Valentine’s Day Campaigns♥

valentines day banner

Hello Incense Lovers! 😆 Valentine`s Day is comm …

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2月 02

Recommended in February

recommended 2月

February has just begun, so we made the update of recom …

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2月 01

Incense that brings Good Fortune


  If you haven`t tried Kaiun Koh (Good Fortune) incense …

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