Monthly Archive: February 2017

Feb 28

New incenses from Nippon Kodo!


Nippon Kodo has released new incenses! Nippon Kodo, Kaoriawase series, (Green Tea fragrance / Coffee fragrance) These are less smoke type incenses with a high-grade charcoal produced from ubame oak from Kishu region blended in. Thanks these incenses you can enjoy genuine fragrances of green tea or coffee! You may burn them both for a …

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Feb 21

New Arrival!


Hello Everyone! We have a great news! There is a new fragrance – Ginger – which joins a well known Kayuragi series! The package contains 40 sticks and simple incense holder, just like other fragrances of this range. The price is also same. You will be surprised by its sweet and true fragrance of Ginger! …

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Feb 20

Incense Making Workshop


Last Saturday we held the first fixed-term incense workshop at Kohgen store in Tokyo.   First we explained about fragrant woods and kinds of Japanese incenses and then the participants were able to make their own kneaded incense called “Kurobo”!! The incenses were made very well! We hope our participants will enjoy its gorgeous fragrance.♪

Feb 16

Incense sprays from Osagawa Nisaburo Shoten maker


Incense sprays from Osagawa Nisaburo Shoten maker “I want to enjoy incense, but without burning!”, “When somebody visits me spontaneously and I want to quickly spread some nice fragrance in the air…!” – in such situations we recommend Incense Sprays which are made with the use of incense raw ingredients. You can use them safely, …

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Feb 13

[Incense Introduction] Kansui incense coils from Kunmeido maker (14 coils)


[Incense Introduction] Kansui incense coils from Kunmeido maker (14 coils) These incense coils are sandalwood based with the lily fragrance. ♪ They are coil shaped, so the fragrance spreads well and for a long time. The fragrance which hangs in the air is very elegant, so you can burn this incense in the entrance to …

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Feb 07

Pressed Incense with cute Japanese style patterns

Untitled design

Today we would like to introduce Pressed Incense with cute Japanese style prints on them♪ In general Pressed Incense is supposed to be burned on the ash placed close to the burning charcoal, but this one emits the fragrance itself even without burning. When the scent become faint, you can light it like an incense …

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Feb 06

Cute Rabbit Incense Holder


Do you like rabbits? What about having this cute one as your new incense stand? He makes a warm and peaceful impression♪ You can enjoy your favorite incense and relax while looking at him. If you are interested, just let us know~ And here you can look at him more closely:

Feb 06

♥Valentine’s Day Campaigns♥

valentines day banner

Hello Incense Lovers! 😆 Valentine`s Day is comming, so we have some events on our stores in Japan!(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ ♥Valentine’s Day Campaigns♥ [Kohgen Nagoya Store] If you purchase some products from our Valentine`s Corner, you can win a chocolate🍫 by drawing lots☆彡 [Kohgen Tokyo Ginza Store] If you make a purchase for 1080 JPY or …

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Feb 02

Recommended in February

recommended 2月

February has just begun, so we made the update of recommended items on our Kohgen World top page! There is a Valentine`s Day this month, so we picked up some nice items which may be perfect as a gift for your beloved one! What about wonderful rose fragrance instead of the flower which faints or …

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Feb 01

Incense that brings Good Fortune


  If you haven`t tried Kaiun Koh (Good Fortune) incense from Baieido maker yet, we would like to introduce this incense today. It is a great long seller in Japan, containing high quality Agarwood, Sandalwood and mix of traditional herbs. The sticks have square shape, so they are easy to burn and the fragrance spreads …

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