Prayer beads

Our company sells not only incense and things related to Kodo (“Way of Incense”), but also a vast variety of other products such as Buddhist prayer beads. Since we take a great care to provide prayer beads made out of best quality raw materials (like minerals, wood, pearls and corals), we cooperate only with the most skilled Japanese artisans. The products we sell are designed to meet our customers’ needs.

In Japanese Buddhism prayer beads are called ojuzu (お数珠). They are traditional tool used to count the number of mantra’s recitation. Shapes of prayer beads vary between different Buddhist Schools.

jodoshinshu jodoshu nichiren rinzai shingon soto tendai
Prayer beads can be used by rubbing together during devotional services to give subtle grinding sound, which is believed to have purifying powers, or they can simply be held wrapped around both hands. Ojuzu used by lay Buddhist followers are usually shorter and made up of 108 beads.