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11月 11

Kogen Ginza store was used in magazine “DUeT “

Kogen Ginza store was used in the planning for the Dece …

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9月 03

Kyoyaki, Kiyomizu ware incense burner depicting “Choju-giga (Wildlife caricature)”

This time, we will introduce a Kyoyaki, Kiyomizu ware i …

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8月 28

New product incense specializing in zazen and meditation Baieido “ZENKOH”

Baieido is a long-established manufacturer of Osaka Sak …

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8月 21

We held a handmade incense experience!

The other day, we held a lecture on incense making expe …

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8月 14

Let’s make your own original incense!

Kohgen holds a handmade incense experience on the store …

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11月 03

14 Ideas to Use Japanese Incense in Your Daily Life

Autumn has came and winter is coming so I think many of …

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8月 11

Some basics about Japanese incense ingredients

We are very happy that you enjoyed our previous e-visit …

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7月 13

Our store in Nagoya has been rebuilt!

We are happy to announce that our main store in Nagoya …

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12月 18


In Japan, Aloeswood is believed to be a sacred and impo …

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12月 10

Skull talismans

  Skulls are widely known as a symbol of death and …

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