Japanese Incense


Koh-do (“Way of Incense”) is the Japanese art of appreciating incense. It has been known for over 1000 years and recognized as elegant and refined. It is important part of poetry and classical literature of Japan.

Incense burning is a source of inspiration. It brings inner peace and spiritual freedom to the mind.

There are two major types of incense in Japan.

Indirect-burning incense, which can be smoldering piece of fragrant wood, and direct-burning incense in a form of stick or cone, made from incense paste without a bamboo core.

Kohgen is selling exactly those types of Japanese Incense.

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Since there is no bamboo core and incense is made from pure incense material, you can enjoy pure fragrance without underlying scent of burning wood.


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The process of making Japanese incense:

Blending the finest natural ingredients and binding them with the powder of Tabu-koh, the bark of Tabu-no-ki. Tabu-no-ki is Japanese huge bay tree (Machilus thunbergii), a member of the Laurel family. After such combination is mixed with water it is extruded just like spaghetti, and then allowed to dry in a form of solid sticks of pure incense.