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Dec 02

The Ten Virtues of Koh

For about 3 months, we have been sharing The Ten Virtues of Koh each week,  one by one, on our Facebook and Instagram profiles. Today we would like to gather all of them for you to have an easy access and a good place to review them. Feel free to share all the sentences with your …

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Nov 03

14 Ideas to Use Japanese Incense in Your Daily Life

Autumn has came and winter is coming so I think many of us will decide to stay at home and enjoy some nice, warming activities indoors. Without fail, one of these may be Japanese incense burning! I`m sure you enjoy incense frequently but maybe you will find out some new ideas in this article that will make …

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Dec 18


In Japan, Aloeswood is believed to be a sacred and important. It is one of the most distinguished ingredients of Japanese incense. During the Kamakura period (1185-1333), Japanese began to use various fragrant woods such to prepare incense. It was used in a recreational way while others were used in the most important of religious ceremonies. …

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Nov 30

Awaji Island

Do you know Awaji Island? It is also known as a “Flower Island”, since you can enjoy so many different types of flowers there. Most of the traditional incense sticks “senkō” 【線香】are made on Awaji Island. Those incenses are known worldwide and valued for high quality of traditional production techniques. Currently Awaji Island is the leading …

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