Open the museum at Kohgen Ueno Sakuragi store.

Open the museum at Kohgen Ueno Sakuragi store.

I was given a collection of valuable incense and tea utensils
from a restaurant that has been operating for over 200 years.

We hope that many people will see the rare,
historically high value collection and broaden the incense culture.

【incense pillows(kohmakura)/Genroku era】
In the past, incense pillows(kohmakura) were used to put incense burners in pillows
to burn incense and to add scent to hair.

This was used in the Genroku era.

【Fragrant Woods cracker(kohwaridougu)/Genroku era】

It is a tool to cut the fragrant wood into small pieces.

In addition to incense implements from the Edo period,
we also display tools and notes that you rarely see often, such as the ten incense boxes of the Shino style,
one of the kohdo(traditional incense-smelling ceremony), and handbooks.


It is a rare opportunity, so please come and see us when you come to Japan.

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