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10月 30

Coil Incense made by Kunmeido

Incense is famous for sticks and cones, but there are a …

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6月 12

Incenses of various shapes: sticks, coils and cones

How do you usually use incense? Stick-like “stick …

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8月 11

[Incense Making Class] – Great Opportunity When Sightseeing Japan

[Osenkō Making Class] Lately, we had a wonderful incens …

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7月 25

Insect Repelling Incense – Perfect for Summer!

[Products Introduction] Insect Repelling Incense: &#821 …

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7月 06

KohgenWorld Online Store Has Changed Its Website Address

Hello Incense Lovers! We would like to remind you that …

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6月 26

Multifunctional Incense Holders with Plates

What about having a new, multifunctional incense holder …

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5月 25

Kyoyaki incense burner, Kenzante Bamboo

[Incense Burner Introduction] Kyoyaki incense burner, K …

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5月 04

Green Tea Incenses Corner

Spring is a season of fresh green tea leaves, so we hav …

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4月 03

Purchase on Kohgen World website and get incense holder and plate!

Do you know that April 18th (Tue.) is the Incense Day? …

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4月 03

New Event Has Started from April 1st (Saturday)!

We have started Speed Lottery at our Kohgen Nagoya Stor …

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