Monthly Archive: January 2017

Jan 30

What about a little bit different Valentine`s Day gift this year?♪♪


Hello Everyone! The first month of 2017 will soon be over! When our Customers come to our store in Nagoya, lately everyone is  saying that the time is running so fast! If the January is over soon, then the next event is… \ Valentine`s Day / There is a new Valentine`s Corner displayed in our Kohgen store …

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Jan 27

Unique incenses from Daihatsu maker!


Today we would like to introduce two interesting incenses, which were lately presented by Fuji TV in the Ariyoshi Sanpo – walking program! ◆ Daihatsu maker “Chichi no Senaka” (Father`s Back) ◆ Daihatsu maker “Haha no Ai” (Mother`s Love) “Chichi no Senaka” is Agarwood based and has quite a firm scent. “Haha no Ai” has …

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Jan 13

Fukubukuro (Lucky Bags) – limited item of Kohgen store in Nagoya!


[Kohgen – Nagoya Store] Happy New Year all incense lovers! We wish you all the best in 2017 and many great discoveries regarding Japanese incenses. Today we would like to announce that Fukubukuro (lucky bags or mystery bags) for 2017 are ready! There are 4 different bags which contain Japanese incenses, incense related items and …

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