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Dec 02

The Ten Virtues of Koh

For about 3 months, we have been sharing The Ten Virtues of Koh each week,  one by one, on our Facebook and Instagram profiles. Today we would like to gather all of them for you to have an easy access and a good place to review them. Feel free to share all the sentences with your …

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Jul 13

Our store in Nagoya has been rebuilt!

We are happy to announce that our main store in Nagoya has been rebuilt and it is already opened! Today I would like to introduce you our newly rebuilt store. Our Dear Customers are spread in many countries, so unfortunately not all of you have a chance to see how the store looks like. Because …

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Dec 10

Skull talismans

  Skulls are widely known as a symbol of death and danger. Only recently skull motif became popular in street fashion, previously being reserved for punk or emo subcultures. This deadly symbol is also ubiquitous in Japan as well. However, it conveys a different meaning than in Western cultures. Human skull, from a Buddhist point …

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Nov 10

About Kohgen

Our company was established in 1937 in Nagoya (Japan). We have many years of experience in selling traditional Japanese incenses (incense sticks, incense cones, coils, incense gift sets), hand made and aromatic Japanese candles, scent bags, Japanese bath essence, traditional Japanese prayer beads (juzu), Kodo (“Way of Incense”) utensils and so on. Our products are made of the best quality ingredients. We cooperate with all top Japanese incense …

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