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Apr 05

[Media About Us] Kohgen Maker`s Pier Store has been introduced on Mētele!


Our Kohgen Maker`s Pier Store has been introduced by Masaru Hamaguchi (Japanese comedian and actor) and Chinami Suzuki (Japanese model, television presenter and actress) on “Derusata” (デルサタ)TV program on Mētele (メーテレ). The inside look of our store and fragrant sachets making workshop have been introduced in the corner called Derusata Tours (デルサタツアーズ Derusatatsuāzu). During the …

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Mar 30

Today we have opened a new Kohgen Maker`s Pier Store!


10:00 AM, March 30 (Thursday) – Grand Open of our new Kohgen Maker`s Pier Store! We have made all the preparations in advance and the store is running since its pre-open on March 13th, but today we had the Grand Open! Today, there was a Grand Open of a shopping district called Maker`s Pier in …

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Mar 10

Incense Making Workshop


We have held another incense making workshop at our Kohgen store in Ginza (Tokyo). After we explained about Asuka period and the way of burning incense, we also presented how to make incense cones with peach fragrance, which is a limited edition formula we are teaching this month. It is very enjoyable to burn this …

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