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Aug 22

[Incense Introduction] Seikado Houn


[Incense Introduction] Seikado Houn This incense was created only by using sandalwood and tabu powder – a natural binder used in incense making. It has a simple, deep fragrance like you were burning raw sandalwood. It is a popular item at our Kohgen Ginza Store! There are many people who come back to buy the …

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Aug 04

[Incense Introduction] Kunjudo Kozanmai Series


[Incense Introduction] Kunjudo Kozanmai Series ◆ Agarwood (approx. 80 sticks) ◆Agarwood (approx. 70 sticks) These incenses contain flavonoids that give a deodorization effect. Both agarwood and sandalwood give off a gentle but deep fragrance that spreads well. It is very rare for fragrant woodst type incense to have a deodorization effect, so this is a special …

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Jun 26

Multifunctional Incense Holders with Plates


What about having a new, multifunctional incense holder? Using them you can easily enjoy 3 kinds of incense – sticks, coils and cones. There 5 colors to choose ↓…/kohgenwo…/GoodsSearchList.html…

Jun 20

Incense on a Father`s Day


June is the month during which many countries celebrate Father`s Day. The exact date differs, but the feelings stay the same. What about expressing your gratitude by giving a special incense as a gift? There is a perfect choice for this occasion: Father`s Back incense from Daihatsu maker! It is an Agarwood-base incense that fragrance is …

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May 30

Mini stick incenses of Gyokushodo brand – Room Incense range – Rin and Sho


Hello Everyone! It`s very hot in Japan today, so we are burning refreshing mini stick incenses of Gyokushodo brand – Room Incense range – Rin (citrus) and Sho (coniferous trees). It`s perfect to burn in your living room and lift up your mood this way! There are large boxes and trial sizes to choose: Rin …

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May 10

Mother`s Day filled with fragrance


The Mother`s Day is coming, so we would like to introduce the incense called Haha no Ai (Mother’s Love) of Daihatsu maker! It is a less smoke type incense, in which a sweet, milky fragrance meets a delicate sandalwood aroma.♪ When you burn it once it becomes a habit, so there are many people who …

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Apr 24

Let`s get refreshed get rid of tiredness with Anming series!


Let`s get refreshed get rid of tiredness by having a good sleep\(^o^)/   Anming is a series of fragrant goods that have been created with the use of natural perfumes and which helps you to have a good sleep and to wake up well.☆ The series includes many goods in this range like bathwater additives, …

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Apr 05

[Media About Us] Kohgen Maker`s Pier Store has been introduced on Mētele!


Our Kohgen Maker`s Pier Store has been introduced by Masaru Hamaguchi (Japanese comedian and actor) and Chinami Suzuki (Japanese model, television presenter and actress) on “Derusata” (デルサタ)TV program on Mētele (メーテレ). The inside look of our store and fragrant sachets making workshop have been introduced in the corner called Derusata Tours (デルサタツアーズ Derusatatsuāzu). During the …

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Mar 30

Today we have opened a new Kohgen Maker`s Pier Store!


10:00 AM, March 30 (Thursday) – Grand Open of our new Kohgen Maker`s Pier Store! We have made all the preparations in advance and the store is running since its pre-open on March 13th, but today we had the Grand Open! Today, there was a Grand Open of a shopping district called Maker`s Pier in …

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Mar 23

Unique Incense Making Workshops


Today we had many guests attending incense making workshops at all 3 Kohgen stores in Japan. Among them, there were two little brothers who were making fragrant bags and incense cones! This time they were figuring out what other shapes are possible♪ Btw. when you look at the second photo there is “1+1=2” written in …

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