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8月 22

[Incense Introduction] Seikado Houn


[Incense Introduction] Seikado Houn This incense was cr …

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8月 04

[Incense Introduction] Kunjudo Kozanmai Series


[Incense Introduction] Kunjudo Kozanmai Series ◆ Agarwo …

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6月 26

Multifunctional Incense Holders with Plates


What about having a new, multifunctional incense holder …

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6月 20

Incense on a Father`s Day


June is the month during which many countries celebrate …

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5月 30

Mini stick incenses of Gyokushodo brand – Room Incense range – Rin and Sho


Hello Everyone! It`s very hot in Japan today, so we are …

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5月 10

Mother`s Day filled with fragrance


The Mother`s Day is coming, so we would like to introdu …

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4月 24

Let`s get refreshed get rid of tiredness with Anming series!


Let`s get refreshed get rid of tiredness by having a go …

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4月 05

[Media About Us] Kohgen Maker`s Pier Store has been introduced on Mētele!


Our Kohgen Maker`s Pier Store has been introduced by Ma …

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3月 30

Today we have opened a new Kohgen Maker`s Pier Store!


10:00 AM, March 30 (Thursday) – Grand Open of our …

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3月 23

Unique Incense Making Workshops


Today we had many guests attending incense making works …

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