[Kohgen Ginza Store] New incense corner at our store.

[Kohgen Ginza Store]
Today we have created a special corner at our Kohgen store in Tokyo.
We will be introducing incenses of different makers using it.

The first maker we want to introduce in this corner is Kunjudo that comes from Hyogo Prefecture – a birthplace of Japanese incense.

You can find here many different kinds from genuine fragrant woods incenses up to a wide variety of deodorization effect floral scents.

There are also trial sizes, so do not hesitate and give them a try.♪


You can also find these incenses on our Kohgen World website:

Tenpo Series (Sandalwood, Agarwood or Kyara) 

Karin Series (various woody blends) 

Kozanmai – Sandalwood

Kozanmai – Agarwood

Hanakaori Series (floral scents)