Kyoyaki, Kiyomizu ware incense burner depicting “Choju-giga (Wildlife caricature)”

blogimage0903_1This time, we will introduce a Kyoyaki, Kiyomizu ware incense burner depicting “Choju-giga (Wildlife caricature)”.
Enjoying your favorite scent in your favorite incense burner is also exceptional.

blogimage0903_2Choju-giga seem to have been made during the late Heian period and the Kamakura period.
They are caricatures of people’s lives and social conditions at that time and are divided into four stories.

blogimage0903_3This incense burner is fun just to watch!
On the front is a Frog and rabbit playing Sumo, and on the back is a monkey looking at the situation.

blogimage0903_4The inside of the incense burner is wide, so you can use any incense.
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