Jul 04

[Kohgen Ginza Store] New incense corner at our store.

[Kohgen Ginza Store]
Today we have created a special corner at our Kohgen store in Tokyo.
We will be introducing incenses of different makers using it.

The first maker we want to introduce in this corner is Kunjudo that comes from Hyogo Prefecture – a birthplace of Japanese incense.

You can find here many different kinds from genuine fragrant woods incenses up to a wide variety of deodorization effect floral scents.

There are also trial sizes, so do not hesitate and give them a try.♪


You can also find these incenses on our Kohgen World website:

Tenpo Series (Sandalwood, Agarwood or Kyara) 

Karin Series (various woody blends) 

Kozanmai – Sandalwood

Kozanmai – Agarwood

Hanakaori Series (floral scents) 




Jul 03

Daihatsu Incense Sticks, Gold Bodaiju

[Incense Introduction]

Daihatsu Incense Sticks, Gold Bodaiju

Incense sticks with gold dust blended in!
It was created by mixing agarwood, cinnamon, and Chinese herbs.
Even looking at those beautiful, shining sticks is very enjoyable.

Read up more on Kohgen World ↓



Jun 26

Multifunctional Incense Holders with Plates

What about having a new, multifunctional incense holder?
Using them you can easily enjoy 3 kinds of incense – sticks, coils and cones.

Jun 20

Incense on a Father`s Day

June is the month during which many countries celebrate Father`s Day. The exact date differs, but the feelings stay the same.


What about expressing your gratitude by giving a special incense as a gift?
There is a perfect choice for this occasion:
Father`s Back incense from Daihatsu maker!

It is an Agarwood-base incense that fragrance is a compromise between aromas from West and East.

You can check the two available sizes here:


Jun 15

New arrival on Kohgen World website!

Today we have registered and burning a green tea incense that belongs to Kozanmai series of Kunjudo maker.


The sticks have beautiful green color. From the very moment of the box opening a pleasant aroma of green tea stands out.


When it burns, the smoke spreads around well and emits warming, a bit earthy fragrance with green tea flavor. It`s refreshing and calming.

IMG_1228 - コピー

Check out our new kohgenworld.com page!

Kozanmai Series, Green Tea incense sticks of Kunjudo ↓


Jun 08

New Kohgen World Website is Opened Now!

We are happy to announce a new Kohgen World website!


new Kohgen World

Although we had only a month to build it and it is still a work in progress, now you have the access to more products and incense related content.

We are adding the items and working on products pages constantly, so if you cannot find what you are looking for, don`t hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy _/~


May 30

Mini stick incenses of Gyokushodo brand – Room Incense range – Rin and Sho

Hello Everyone!
It`s very hot in Japan today, so we are burning refreshing mini stick incenses of Gyokushodo brand – Room Incense range – Rin (citrus) and Sho (coniferous trees).


It`s perfect to burn in your living room and lift up your mood this way!
There are large boxes and trial sizes to choose:
Rin (trial size) http://kohgenworld.jugemcart.com/?pid=1559343
Rin (large box) http://kohgenworld.jugemcart.com/?pid=1559342

Sho (trial size) http://kohgenworld.jugemcart.com/?pid=1559335
Sho (large box) http://kohgenworld.jugemcart.com/?pid=1559334

Enjoy _/~


May 25

Kyoyaki incense burner, Kenzante Bamboo

[Incense Burner Introduction]
Kyoyaki incense burner, Kenzante Bamboo

Today we would like to introduce a Kyoto ware incense burner with a simple design of bamboo.
When you look at it, you can feel the freshness like when entering a bamboo thicket.


Through the ages, a rapidly growing bamboo is considered as a lucky omen.

We recommend this burner also as a gift.

You can find it on our English site:
or Kohgen stores in Japan.


May 10

Mother`s Day filled with fragrance

The Mother`s Day is coming, so we would like to introduce the incense called Haha no Ai (Mother’s Love) of Daihatsu maker!


It is a less smoke type incense, in which a sweet, milky fragrance meets a delicate sandalwood aroma.♪
When you burn it once it becomes a habit, so there are many people who purchase it repeatedly.

It may be used for both pleasure or Buddhist practices.

Check the two available sizes on Kohgen World website:

or visit our Kohgen stores in Japan and try its fragrance!18342558_1110996112377677_4990368217605113109_n


May 04

Green Tea Incenses Corner

Spring is a season of fresh green tea leaves, so we have prepared a special corner (^^)
The green tea fragrances differ as they are made by various incense makers.


There is a Golden Week in Japan now, so what about visiting our Kohgen stores or websites and enjoy these gorgeous aromas? ♪

Kohgen World online store -> http://kohgenworld.jugemcart.com/


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