Recommended for hot seasons! ~ The smell of mint ~

right hand:Baieido Incense Sticks, Imagine Series, Mint, 40 sticks
Sale price 540JPY

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left hand:Baieido Incense Sticks, Daburu Minto kou, (Double Mint), Bulk Pack
Sale price 1,080JPY

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It has been hot day recently.

How about  mint scent on summer?

double mints incense contains a refreshing “peppermint” and a slightly sweet “spearmint” double mint!

Peppermint works to increase concentration, and spearmint seems to have a relaxing effect.

The smell of mint doesn’t just make you feel better!

As it is refreshing and has little smoke,
It is also recommended for those who are looking for a scent that is soaking in the entrance and the bathroom!

Let’s enjyoy the hot season with the refreshing mint scent!