Do you know the incense body powder?

kohgen_ginza_recommend_01It is an incense body powder that mixed a sandal wood and several kinds of herbs.
This incense was born in India, to help people living in sweaty and hot lands get rid of body odor.
It is the beginning that I applied the perfume which I got from the scented wood on my body.

From there, it has been developed as a cleansing aspect of
“cleansing the mind and body” and “paying evil and keeping away from it”,
and it has been adopted in Buddhism.

In Japan, since long ago, incense body powder has been used when it is difficult to clean hands with water,
such as when entering a temple in the middle of a mountain where it is difficult to draw water,
or before making a handwritten copy of a sutra.

Now, it is easy for the general public, as well as the monks and worshipers,
It is popular as an incense that does not use fire.
It is recommended when visiting the temple for sightseeing.
How about using the deep scent of Japan to clean your mind and body?

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