Mar 28

We held a seminar for Japanese Incense Manufacturers at Nagoya Kohgen Store!

We have organized a seminar for Japanese Incense Manufacturers at Nagoya Kohgen Store!

The meeting took place in the Seminar Room on the second floor of our store and the main topic was “The Future of Incense”.

There were 15 Japanese incense making companies that attended the seminar.  (We were very happy to host well-known top Japanese incense makers!)

During the seminar, our owner Kikuya had a speech and carried out Listening to Incense (Mon-koh) game. All the attendees could experience the fragrances and guess the answers.


Almost all attendees gave the right answers!
After all, all of them are professionalists who create fragrances.

★ Makers who attended “The Future of Incense” seminar (alphabetical order):
Awaji Baikundo, Gyokushodo, Hakurindou, Kawata Tokueido, Kikujudo, Koukando, Kunjudo, Kunmeido, Okuno Seimeido, Osagawa Nisaburo, Seijudo, Seikado, Shoyeido, Tennendo, Tenshodo.


  1. Armand

    How absolutely delightful to have all the major players in the same room without vying for Incense supremacy. So happy all of that was left at the door to talk about the future. I, for one, a hobbyist incense lover in Australia, would dearly like to know the outcome and perhaps read the report(s) if any.
    Thank you to all who attended.

    1. kohgen-blog-e

      Dear Armand, thank you very much for your kind comment. We are also very happy that the seminar was held and we were able to host such wonderful attendees. The details are the secret between Japanese incense makers, but we will be happy if you keep up visiting our blog if you wish to broaden your interest in incense. Thank you very much!

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