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Aug 11

[Incense Making Class] – Great Opportunity When Sightseeing Japan


[Osenkō Making Class] Lately, we had a wonderful incense class with international attendees that came to our Kohgen Store in Nagoya from Hawaii. They chose to make osenkō(お線香). It is a common misinterpretation that this term refers to Japanese incense sticks, while in fact, it is one of 7 kinds of Japanese incenses collectively called …

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Mar 23

Unique Incense Making Workshops


Today we had many guests attending incense making workshops at all 3 Kohgen stores in Japan. Among them, there were two little brothers who were making fragrant bags and incense cones! This time they were figuring out what other shapes are possible♪ Btw. when you look at the second photo there is “1+1=2” written in …

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