Monthly Archive: March 2017

Mar 10

Incense Making Workshop


We have held another incense making workshop at our Kohgen store in Ginza (Tokyo). After we explained about Asuka period and the way of burning incense, we also presented how to make incense cones with peach fragrance, which is a limited edition formula we are teaching this month. It is very enjoyable to burn this …

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Mar 07

Candles which look like sweets ♪

Untitled design (1)

Spring is just around the corner and a sweet fragrance is hanging in the air while being outside! This time we would like to introduce the candles which may be a perfect gift idea! [Product Introduction] Kameyama Candles – Nagomi Candles Series / Party Jar Series   These candles look so real that you can get …

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Mar 06

Kutani ware incense burner

Yusai Kutani ware

Today we would like to introduce a wonderful Kutani ware, Yusai technique, Hakuho-gama, incense burner No. 3.7 Stylish design with the contrast of blue and vertical gradients. For us it reminds a moment of entering under the water of a waterfall. What are your connotations? Feel free to visit our store in Tokyo (Ginza) to …

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Mar 02

Recommended in March

recommended in march

February has just begun, so we made the update of recommended items on our Kohgen World top page! Spring is just around the corner, so we have picked up some floral scents such as Sakura cherry blossom and Japanese Plum (Ume). Their themes are also present on the incense burners and holders we selected. If …

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Mar 01

“Incense Day Fair” at Kohgen store in Nagoya!


Do you know that April 18th (Tue.) is the Incense Day? You probably wonder why this particular day is the Incense Day. In Japanese incense is written with the character: 香 When you disassemble this character into its parts you will have 一十八日 which stands for 18th day. What is more, according to the Nihonshoki (The …

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