Today we have opened a new Kohgen Maker`s Pier Store!

10:00 AM, March 30 (Thursday) –

Grand Open of our new Kohgen Maker`s Pier Store!

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We have made all the preparations in advance and the store is running since its pre-open on March 13th, but today we had the Grand Open!

Today, there was a Grand Open of a shopping district called Maker`s Pier in Nagoya, so our new store which is located there had also its opening today!

↓ Below, you can see the opening ceremony procession



Maker`s Pier is located just in front of Legoland Japan, so there were plenty of customers today. Some of them have seen our incense making workshop on the television broadcasts we have had previously and wanted to try to make fragrant sachets themselves!
(There was also a Customer who has visited both our Main Store in Nagoya and the new Maker`s Pier Store today!)

We are very grateful to all of our Customers!

Maker`s Pier is a unique shopping district where you can enjoy making many different things at many different stores and restaurants.

At our Kohgen store, you can create your personal fragrance sachet (nioibukuro), so we recommend to visit us with your family or friends and then exchange the sachets you created♪
(You can also make the fragrant sachets at our stores in Nagoya and Tokyo!)

If you are going to Legoland Japan,
don`t forget to visit our Kohgen Maker`s Pier Store as well!


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