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3月 30

[Media About Us] We have taken part in “Mutsumi`s Super Tuesday” broadcast on MID-FM!


Master Katsura Koharudanji – Kamigata-style rakug …

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3月 29

Report from Incense Making Workshops

Incense workshop report(2)

Hello Incense Lovers! Lately, we receive a lot of appli …

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3月 28

We held a seminar for Japanese Incense Manufacturers at Nagoya Kohgen Store!


We have organized a seminar for Japanese Incense Manufa …

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3月 23

Unique Incense Making Workshops


Today we had many guests attending incense making works …

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3月 21

“Sakura Corner” at our Kohgen Ginza Store!


Sakura – Japanese cherry blossoms are going to bl …

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3月 16

Kohgen Maker`s Pier store had its pre-open!


Hello Everyone, we are happy to inform you that on Marc …

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3月 10

Incense Making Workshop


We have held another incense making workshop at our Koh …

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3月 07

Candles which look like sweets ♪

Untitled design (1)

Spring is just around the corner and a sweet fragrance …

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3月 06

Kutani ware incense burner

Yusai Kutani ware

Today we would like to introduce a wonderful Kutani war …

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3月 02

Recommended in March

recommended in march

February has just begun, so we made the update of recom …

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