Sacred incense ingredients that have recently been attracting attention~Frankincense~

IMG_3206-800x533Do you know Frankincense?

Frankincense that another name is Oribanamu, which is a resin of tropical evergreen shrubs of Burseraceae Boswellia.By the way, Oribanamu seems to represent “milk” in Arabic.

IMG_3204-1024x683The origin of frankincense means “true scent” in French.
【Frank (true) + Incense (scent) → Frankincense】

Why is it a true scent … This origin goes back to the ancient Egyptian civilization.

The origin of incense culture is said to be Egyptian civilization 5000 years ago.

In The Old Testament, there is a statement that three kinds of frankincense, golden and myrrh were given as celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.Of the three, it is said that frankincense means the priesthood.

So it has been revered by the people as sacred.It is said that the resin of frankincense was put on the charcoal, and the smoke was emitted.Have you ever seen scene of a priest holding a incense burner with smoke in the church?

The contents of that are burning frankincense.It is still inherited as a sacred scent at the church even today.

Frankincense is origin mainly Oman and Somalia in the Middle East.In particular, Omani’s frankincense is the highest grade and popular.

In Oman, there is a “land of frankincense” where the incense trees spread like a field.And it is registered as a World Heritage.

IMG_3210-1024x683The smell is a slightly sweet smell with a refreshing feeling.
I personally feel the refreshing feeling like watermelon and the smell that woody sweetness melted together.
Many customers are attracted to the mysterious warm smell.

It is a scent that Cleopatra and Queen Shiva loved.

Therefore, it is good to enjoy the scent while thinking about the history of ancient civilization.

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