Fragrant items perfect for Summer!

[Kohgen Ginza Store]

Summer Fragrances Corner is our new display full of items perfect for this season. You can find here fresh scents like citrus, mint and much more!


If you cannot visit us in Tokyo, don`t worry – you can order them online!:

Kayuragi – Mikan orange incense sticks:

Baieido – Double mint incense sticks:

Nippon Kodo, Kohden – Japanese Mint incense sticks with simple holder:

Yukari Incense Burner – Ivy / Blue:…/OtherIncenseBurn…/3675024000000

Kagunomi – citrus oils with fancy shaped stands:…/kohgenwo…/GoodsSearchList.html…

Herbosense, Lemongrass & Benzoin, 30 sticks

Gyokushodo Room Incense Rin – citrus fragrance

Kayuragi – Jasmine 12 cones

Enjoy your Summer with these wonderful fragrances and items! _/~