Fukubukuro (Lucky Bags) – limited item of Kohgen store in Nagoya!


[Kohgen – Nagoya Store]

Happy New Year all incense lovers!
We wish you all the best in 2017 and many great discoveries regarding Japanese incenses.

Today we would like to announce that Fukubukuro (lucky bags or mystery bags) for 2017 are ready!

There are 4 different bags which contain Japanese incenses, incense related items and other fragrant goods made in Japan:

1. Set 1 (GOLD)
-> includes 10 items worth over 20.000 JPY (~181.82 USD)
-> its price is 10.800 JPY (~98.18 USD) + shipping fee

2. Set 2 (SILVER)
-> includes 11 items worth over 10.000 JPY (~98.18 USD)
-> its price is 5.400 JPY (~49.09 USD) + shipping fee

3. Set 3 (BRONZE)
-> includes 12 items worth over 7.000 JPY (~63.64 USD)
-> its price is 3.240 JPY (~29.45 USD) + shipping fee

4. Set 4 (FLORAL)
-> includes 18 items worth over 6.000 JPY (~54.55 USD)
-> its price is 3.240 JPY (~29.45 USD) + shipping fee

Please note, that in case of shipping abroad, we will put the products into a box, without a bag for the items` safety.

The promotion will be over when all the bags are sold out, so don`t miss the chance!

If you have any questions or would like to order one, feel free to contact us: webmaaster [at] kohgen.com

Thank you very much~

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