Open the museum at Kohgen Ueno Sakuragi store.

Open the museum at Kohgen Ueno Sakuragi store.

I was given a collection of valuable incense and tea utensils
from a restaurant that has been operating for over 200 years.

We hope that many people will see the rare,
historically high value collection and broaden the incense culture.

【incense pillows(kohmakura)/Genroku era】
In the past, incense pillows(kohmakura) were used to put incense burners in pillows
to burn incense and to add scent to hair.

This was used in the Genroku era.

【Fragrant Woods cracker(kohwaridougu)/Genroku era】

It is a tool to cut the fragrant wood into small pieces.

In addition to incense implements from the Edo period,
we also display tools and notes that you rarely see often, such as the ten incense boxes of the Shino style,
one of the kohdo(traditional incense-smelling ceremony), and handbooks.


It is a rare opportunity, so please come and see us when you come to Japan.

Access to Kohgen Ueno Sakuragi store


Incense scent of the Frankincense

Continuation from last time about Frankincense.
Last time I told that Frankincense is very historical and sacred.

For those who want to enjoy the scent of the Frankincense, there is an incense stick made mainly of Frankincense!
A long-established maker of incense, Tennendo is making it.
Blended with several incense ingredients based on Frankincense, the scent was renewed in 2009.
It is a recommended scent for those who want to use Frankincense for the first time.

The incense package is designed with an ancient Egyptian mural said to have been painted 4000 years ago.
The mural is painted with a king who dedicates Frankincense to God, and you can feel on the history from ancient Egypt.

frankincense001frankincense002In addition, the incense of this frankincense, there is a “Frankincense pure” to enjoy the pure scent of the Frankincense more natural!

This is characterized by a clear scent of frankincense.


Sacred incense ingredients that have recently been attracting attention~Frankincense~

IMG_3206-800x533Do you know Frankincense?

Frankincense that another name is Oribanamu, which is a resin of tropical evergreen shrubs of Burseraceae Boswellia.By the way, Oribanamu seems to represent “milk” in Arabic.

IMG_3204-1024x683The origin of frankincense means “true scent” in French.
【Frank (true) + Incense (scent) → Frankincense】

Why is it a true scent … This origin goes back to the ancient Egyptian civilization.

The origin of incense culture is said to be Egyptian civilization 5000 years ago.

In The Old Testament, there is a statement that three kinds of frankincense, golden and myrrh were given as celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.Of the three, it is said that frankincense means the priesthood.

So it has been revered by the people as sacred.It is said that the resin of frankincense was put on the charcoal, and the smoke was emitted.Have you ever seen scene of a priest holding a incense burner with smoke in the church?

The contents of that are burning frankincense.It is still inherited as a sacred scent at the church even today.

Frankincense is origin mainly Oman and Somalia in the Middle East.In particular, Omani’s frankincense is the highest grade and popular.

In Oman, there is a “land of frankincense” where the incense trees spread like a field.And it is registered as a World Heritage.

IMG_3210-1024x683The smell is a slightly sweet smell with a refreshing feeling.
I personally feel the refreshing feeling like watermelon and the smell that woody sweetness melted together.
Many customers are attracted to the mysterious warm smell.

It is a scent that Cleopatra and Queen Shiva loved.

Therefore, it is good to enjoy the scent while thinking about the history of ancient civilization.

We prepare high quality Omani’s frankincense(30g, 50g).


Do you know the incense body powder?

kohgen_ginza_recommend_01It is an incense body powder that mixed a sandal wood and several kinds of herbs.
This incense was born in India, to help people living in sweaty and hot lands get rid of body odor.
It is the beginning that I applied the perfume which I got from the scented wood on my body.

From there, it has been developed as a cleansing aspect of
“cleansing the mind and body” and “paying evil and keeping away from it”,
and it has been adopted in Buddhism.

In Japan, since long ago, incense body powder has been used when it is difficult to clean hands with water,
such as when entering a temple in the middle of a mountain where it is difficult to draw water,
or before making a handwritten copy of a sutra.

Now, it is easy for the general public, as well as the monks and worshipers,
It is popular as an incense that does not use fire.
It is recommended when visiting the temple for sightseeing.
How about using the deep scent of Japan to clean your mind and body?

Click here for products of Incense Body powder.

Incense Reiryoko used in Japanese famous temple Eiheiji.

Reiryoko is an incense used in Eihei-ji temple a famous temple in Japan.

reiryokoh_image_02Eihei-ji temple is the main temple of 曹洞宗 Buddhist sect in Fukui Japan.

It is a temple that has been attracting attention both at home and abroad as introduced by the Michelin Guide.

Eihei-ji Temple is a training place for Zen meditation created by Dogen Zenshi(道元禅師).

When Dogen Zensh was 47 years old in 1244, he changed the name of the dojo to Eihei-ji and seemed to enthusiastically teach the Buddhist monks.

Even after nearly 800 years, there is still used as a training life for Buddhist monks.

This incense stick that is famous for being used in the Eihei-ji Temple is Kunmeido Reiryoko.

Although it is inexpensive incense, the formulation is really superb, and its pleasant fragrance spreads around nicely.

Young people who like this smell and use it repeatedly are also increasing.


Kunmeido Japanese Incense Stick, Reiryoko, Economy Pack

number of sticks: approx. 500
incense weight: 175 g
length: approx. 13.5 cm
burning time: approx. 30 min
package size: approx. 11 cm × 15 cm× 3.8 cm


Soft sweet smell of Japanese flowers

Soft sweet smell of Japanese flowers


How about looking at the sweet and sweet smell of Japanese flowers in your room!

“Daihatsu” is a famous maker of perfume incense and has various scents.

Myoujyou is made by blending natural flavor and Japanese flower scent, and it has a soft and sweet smell.


Size: large box
Amount of money: ¥ 1.080 (excluding tax)
Number: about 360
Amount of smoke: less
Shape: Stick

Size: small box
Amount of money: ¥ 324 (excluding tax)
Number: about 50

【Limited and new products! !】Snufkin & Little My Incense Stand&Plate

bbd7e7a4741b222a46d8bdeb0f6e0d66The collaboration of “MOOMIN x Kohgen” is realized!

Snufkin & Little My, who will appear in MOOMIN, have become Incense Stand&Plate.

moomin01When you look at it, it feels like time is flowing slowly ♪

The back figure is also very cute♡

moomin02It is also recommended for those who are looking for cute Incense Stand&Plate and those who like Moomin character and looking for celebrations presents.

Gift wrapping is also possible free , so please ask if you wish.

09387d98d2791d69815ff3021a334067You can see this product here.

Kohgen Original Snufkin & Little My Incense Stand&Plate series of Moomintroll

Incenses of various shapes: sticks, coils and cones

IMG_1859-800x533_fixHow do you usually use incense?

Stick-like “stick type” with the most opportunities to see,
Small conical “cone”, mosquito coiled “swirl” etc.
There are various types of incense and each incense has its own characteristics.

The stick type has a general length (about 14 cm) called “short” and the burning time is about 20 to 30 minutes.
There are various types, such as longer ones, and those with a length of more than 30 cm, such as Taikunkoh which is used in temples.
As it is easy to get and easy to handle, it is recommended for incense beginners and those who want to easily enjoy the scent.

The cone type has a short burning time of less than 10 minutes,
Because the area where the incense burns is large, the scent spreads at once. (A lot of smoke comes out!)
It is a convenient incense when you want to spread the aroma in a short time, such as in front of a sudden visitor.

Swirl type is incense with long burning time.
It has a general size (about 6 cm in diameter) and the burning time is about 2 hours!
It is popular for those who want to enjoy the scent for a long time, and those who want to always incense them in the shop.

Even the same “incense”, it is interesting that there is a difference depending on the shape!
Everyone, please use different incense different in shape according to your mood and use.

Read more on Kohgen World:
How to Burn Incense

Recommended for hot seasons! ~ The smell of mint ~

right hand:Baieido Incense Sticks, Imagine Series, Mint, 40 sticks
Sale price 540JPY

You can order right item on Kohgen World here.

left hand:Baieido Incense Sticks, Daburu Minto kou, (Double Mint), Bulk Pack
Sale price 1,080JPY

You can order on left item Kohgen World here.

It has been hot day recently.

How about  mint scent on summer?

double mints incense contains a refreshing “peppermint” and a slightly sweet “spearmint” double mint!

Peppermint works to increase concentration, and spearmint seems to have a relaxing effect.

The smell of mint doesn’t just make you feel better!

As it is refreshing and has little smoke,
It is also recommended for those who are looking for a scent that is soaking in the entrance and the bathroom!

Let’s enjyoy the hot season with the refreshing mint scent!

[Incense Introduction] Nippon Kodo – Cafe Time Incense – cones

[Incense Introduction]

Nippon Kodo – Cafe Time Incense – cones


What about enjoying incense cones in the morning or while relaxing in the evening? They burn fast and spread the fragrance well, so it is a perfect choice for a little time for yourself.

There are two fragrances in each tube!
You can try each of them separately or 2 at once♪

What is interesting, each pair of fragrances is assigned to a specific time of the day or mood:
・Orange & Darjeeling Tea → Fresh Morning

・Sakura & Green Tea → Bright Afternoon

・Cassis & Moca → Quiet Evening

・Lime & Mint Tea → Refreshed

・Lotus & Wine → Enchanted

・Apple & Jasmine Tea → Relaxed


What about picking up the one that suits your mood or time for relaxation best?

You can order on Kohgen World here.

Enjoy incense cones! △~