[Incense Introduction] Kunjudo Tokusen Karin (Premium Karin) – 10 coils

[Incense Introduction]
Kunjudo Tokusen Karin (Premium Karin) – 10 coils


Gorgeous fragrance created by blending sandalwood with various Chinese herbs.
You can enjoy these coils for approx. 2 hours so you can spread the fragrance slowly in wide spaces.
There is also a non-flammable mat included so you can start using them immediately, even though you are not used to incense coils.♪

Give it a try!
Available on Kohgen World


[Incense Introduction] Seikado Houn

[Incense Introduction]
Seikado Houn


This incense was created only by using sandalwood and tabu powder – a natural binder used in incense making.
It has a simple, deep fragrance like you were burning raw sandalwood.

It is a popular item at our Kohgen Ginza Store! There are many people who come back to buy the next box after they are run out of these sticks.(^^)

You can order it online here: http://www.kohgenworld.com/fs/kohgenworld/2100722000000
or come to the store and try its fragrance♪

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[Incense Making Class] – Great Opportunity When Sightseeing Japan

[Osenkō Making Class]

Lately, we had a wonderful incense class with international attendees that came to our Kohgen Store in Nagoya from Hawaii.


Osenkō making

They chose to make osenkō(お線香). It is a common misinterpretation that this term refers to Japanese incense sticks, while in fact, it is one of 7 kinds of Japanese incenses collectively called okō(お香). Osenkō can be made in different shapes. The most common are sticks, cones, and coils, but when you are making hand-made incense, you can create any shape you can imagine.

Our guests were very creative. They challenged themselves to make various shapes from common sticks, cones, and coils, up to beautiful and detailed flowers, leaves and even cute small fish with eyes.


Incense Making Class – Leaves and cherry blossoms flowers

IMG_1358 - コピー

Incense Making Class – Fish and cones

The attendees were a married couple and they decided to enrich their sightseeing in Japan with an incense class. After they decided to take osenkō making, we prepared two sets of ingredients. We wanted them to have two different fragrances, one more traditional and manly and one more sweet and feminine.

We had a very nice talk about Japanese incense and ingredients while trying their fragrances and answering the questions that came up.

We hope that our guests had a wonderful time and the hand-made incense souvenirs will be a great opportunity to bring back their memories of traveling in Japan after they are back at home.

If you are also interested in having incense class, please contact us by email for more details.

[Incense Introduction] Kunjudo Kozanmai Series

[Incense Introduction]

Kunjudo Kozanmai Series
◆ Agarwood (approx. 80 sticks)
◆Agarwood (approx. 70 sticks)


These incenses contain flavonoids that give a deodorization effect.
Both agarwood and sandalwood give off a gentle but deep fragrance that spreads well. It is very rare for fragrant woodst type incense to have a deodorization effect, so this is a special feature of this series.
Don`t miss the chance to try them! (^^)

Read more and get them on Kohgen World:


kohgenworld.com – August Campaign

We have received many positive feedback about the Summer incense holder and plate set and requests if we can produce more.


First 5 Customers who order products for at least 10,800 JPY (shipping fee does not count) will receive Japanese glass bead (tombodama) incense holder and handmade transparent plate set for free!

Campaign time: August 1 ~ 31 or until all 5 sets are given away

Don`t miss the chance to receive this unique, Summer holder!

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Insect Repelling Incense – Perfect for Summer!

[Products Introduction]

Insect Repelling Incense:
– 2 coils and holder

– 8 coils

– 20 sticks with a dedicated holder


This is a gentle insect repelling incense created with the use of natural citronella and neem

It has a bittersweet citronella and citrus fragrance.
The burning time of coils is approx. 2 hours and for sticks, it is about 1 hour.
Try them this Summer!

Please, send us a message if you are interested in an international order.
Thank you.


Fragrant items perfect for Summer!

[Kohgen Ginza Store]

Summer Fragrances Corner is our new display full of items perfect for this season. You can find here fresh scents like citrus, mint and much more!


If you cannot visit us in Tokyo, don`t worry – you can order them online!:

Kayuragi – Mikan orange incense sticks:

Baieido – Double mint incense sticks:

Nippon Kodo, Kohden – Japanese Mint incense sticks with simple holder:

Yukari Incense Burner – Ivy / Blue:

Kagunomi – citrus oils with fancy shaped stands:

Herbosense, Lemongrass & Benzoin, 30 sticks

Gyokushodo Room Incense Rin – citrus fragrance

Kayuragi – Jasmine 12 cones

Enjoy your Summer with these wonderful fragrances and items! _/~



kohgenworld.com – July Campaign

We are happy to announce a new campaign on our www.kohgenworld.com site!


First 50 Customers who order products for at least 10,800 JPY (shipping fee does not count) will receive
Japanese glass bead (tombodama) incense holder and handmade transparent plate set for free! 

・Campaign time: July 4 ~ 31

Don`t miss the chance to receive this unique, Summer holder!





Find out more on Kohgen World:

KohgenWorld Online Store Has Changed Its Website Address

Hello Incense Lovers!

We would like to remind you that our English online store has a new web page address! 
Don`t miss the chance to discover new Japanese incense and check it out!




[Kohgen Ginza Store] New incense corner at our store.

[Kohgen Ginza Store]
Today we have created a special corner at our Kohgen store in Tokyo.
We will be introducing incenses of different makers using it.

The first maker we want to introduce in this corner is Kunjudo that comes from Hyogo Prefecture – a birthplace of Japanese incense.

You can find here many different kinds from genuine fragrant woods incenses up to a wide variety of deodorization effect floral scents.

There are also trial sizes, so do not hesitate and give them a try.♪


You can also find these incenses on our Kohgen World website:

Tenpo Series (Sandalwood, Agarwood or Kyara) 

Karin Series (various woody blends) 

Kozanmai – Sandalwood

Kozanmai – Agarwood

Hanakaori Series (floral scents)