Incense scent of the Frankincense

Continuation from last time about Frankincense.
Last time I told that Frankincense is very historical and sacred.

For those who want to enjoy the scent of the Frankincense, there is an incense stick made mainly of Frankincense!
A long-established maker of incense, Tennendo is making it.
Blended with several incense ingredients based on Frankincense, the scent was renewed in 2009.
It is a recommended scent for those who want to use Frankincense for the first time.

The incense package is designed with an ancient Egyptian mural said to have been painted 4000 years ago.
The mural is painted with a king who dedicates Frankincense to God, and you can feel on the history from ancient Egypt.

frankincense001frankincense002In addition, the incense of this frankincense, there is a “Frankincense pure” to enjoy the pure scent of the Frankincense more natural!

This is characterized by a clear scent of frankincense.