Incenses of various shapes: sticks, coils and cones

IMG_1859-800x533_fixHow do you usually use incense?

Stick-like “stick type” with the most opportunities to see,
Small conical “cone”, mosquito coiled “swirl” etc.
There are various types of incense and each incense has its own characteristics.

The stick type has a general length (about 14 cm) called “short” and the burning time is about 20 to 30 minutes.
There are various types, such as longer ones, and those with a length of more than 30 cm, such as Taikunkoh which is used in temples.
As it is easy to get and easy to handle, it is recommended for incense beginners and those who want to easily enjoy the scent.

The cone type has a short burning time of less than 10 minutes,
Because the area where the incense burns is large, the scent spreads at once. (A lot of smoke comes out!)
It is a convenient incense when you want to spread the aroma in a short time, such as in front of a sudden visitor.

Swirl type is incense with long burning time.
It has a general size (about 6 cm in diameter) and the burning time is about 2 hours!
It is popular for those who want to enjoy the scent for a long time, and those who want to always incense them in the shop.

Even the same “incense”, it is interesting that there is a difference depending on the shape!
Everyone, please use different incense different in shape according to your mood and use.

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