Incense Reiryoko used in Japanese famous temple Eiheiji.

Reiryoko is an incense used in Eihei-ji temple a famous temple in Japan.

reiryokoh_image_02Eihei-ji temple is the main temple of 曹洞宗 Buddhist sect in Fukui Japan.

It is a temple that has been attracting attention both at home and abroad as introduced by the Michelin Guide.

Eihei-ji Temple is a training place for Zen meditation created by Dogen Zenshi(道元禅師).

When Dogen Zensh was 47 years old in 1244, he changed the name of the dojo to Eihei-ji and seemed to enthusiastically teach the Buddhist monks.

Even after nearly 800 years, there is still used as a training life for Buddhist monks.

This incense stick that is famous for being used in the Eihei-ji Temple is Kunmeido Reiryoko.

Although it is inexpensive incense, the formulation is really superb, and its pleasant fragrance spreads around nicely.

Young people who like this smell and use it repeatedly are also increasing.


Kunmeido Japanese Incense Stick, Reiryoko, Economy Pack

number of sticks: approx. 500
incense weight: 175 g
length: approx. 13.5 cm
burning time: approx. 30 min
package size: approx. 11 cm × 15 cm× 3.8 cm