Coil Incense made by Kunmeido

IMG_6084-800x561Incense is famous for sticks and cones, but there are also some spiral-type(coil- type) incense.
The scent repertoire is narrowed, but it is characterized by many attractive scents.
This time, we will introduce the recommended coil incense from incense maker “Kunmeido” in Osaka Sakai famous as “Reiryokoh incense”.

IMG_6085-1024x744The most famous is “Tsukimachigumo”.
It is used in restaurants and inns, and it is so popular that entertainers introduce it on TV.
A unique sweet scent based on sandalwood spreads.
Tsukimachigumo is so popular that many customers visit to buy this.

The next, Kansui is coils incense made from sandalwood-based incense with a fragrance imaged by a lily flower.
Because there are few stores selling this product, it is an unusual product that you can hardly find anywhere else.
The other day, a customer who opened a Japanese restaurant bought it because he wanted to use it at the entrance.

IMG_6086-1024x718There are 4 types of “Tsukinowa”, each of which is imaged by the scent of flowers.
The color of the incense varies depending on the scent of violet (red), jasmine (yellow), rose (light blue), and lily (dark blue).

Coil-type incense has a long burning time of about 1 to 2 hours, making it ideal for large rooms and places with a lot of air flow.

・Kunmeido Tsukimachigumo Coil Incense, 20 pieces

・Kunmeido Incense, Kansui, 14 pieces of Coil Variety

・Kunmeido Incense, Tsukinowa series, 8 pieces