I went to Tokyo Ueno Ameyoko Shopping Street!

The other day, I visited Tokyo Ueno Ameyoko Shopping Street near the store!
I walked Ueno Onshi Park southward and went to Ameyoko.

Ameyoko is the narrow maze of cheap eats and stalls selling everything from fresh fish to vintage watches,
and a booming mini-Koreatown.
There are many Asian food and restaurants such as Thailand and Vietnam.
I went to Ueno Ameyoko for the first time and it was very lively!
There were many restaurants and I was at a loss while enjoying where to eat.
There are many also Izakaya and Sushi and it is a good place to drink Sake.

However, I was totally tired of walking a lot…
Since there are too many stores, I couldn’t decide right away.
After all, I ate rice at a 500 yen pizzeria.


On the way back, I walked in Shinobazu Pond.
I also passed by Ueno Zoo.
I don’t see the animals because it was night, but they voice and smelled.

Ameyoko was so much fun that I want to go again!
When you come to sightseeing in Tokyo, please play in Ueno.

The photo below is the town that has gone through Ueno Onshi Park.
There is Ameyoko Shopping Street turn around the corner.
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