Let’s make your own original incense!

kohgen_hp_ueno_blog_20190223_image1Kohgen holds a handmade incense experience on the store.

You can choose your favorite incense from three types of “Fragrant Sachet” that has been handed down since the Nara period(about 1200 years ago), “Kneaded incense” that has been used by nobles in the Heian period(about 1000 years ago),“Incense stick” that are still popular today.

It is exceptional good that you can use your own handmade incense or wear it in your clothes.

Japanese Incense has a long history.
When you mix and make up while checking the scent of the incense ingredients,
It feels as if you were back in time in the Nara and Heian periods.

I also liked various “handmade experiences”, and I often went around the classroom with one person and friends.
(Ceramics, watches, shakuhachi, etc. were all fun!)

We look forward to your visit!
Here for details of each store’s handmade experience.
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Nagoya store

Tokyo Ginza store

Tokyo Uenosakuragi store