See the very rare and precious Agarwood

yanaka_incense_museum_page_image_09A museum is open in Kohgen Ueno Sakuragi store.

Kohgen have been collecting and accumulating rare Agarwood(fragrant wood) worldwide over the years.

In the museum, a part of the Agarwood(fragrant wood) is displayed.
Agarwood is the oldest incense ingredient in Japan.
In “Nihonshoki”, there is a description that agarwood drifted to Awaji Island in 1993.

Aristocrats and Samurai also enjoyed the noble scent and permeated it as part of the culture.
It is said that Ieyasu Tokugawa was also fascinated by the charm of agarwood and traded it.
Oda Nobunaga is also said to have liked very much.
How about you see it while feeling the history of Japan?

Access to Kohgen Ueno Sakuragi store