New product incense specializing in zazen and meditation Baieido “ZENKOH”

kohgen_zenkohBaieido is a long-established manufacturer of Osaka Sakai that has been in business for over 350 years.
Recently, More and more people are taking meditation into their lives, not just formal Zazen.

Since ancient times, incense sticks have been used during Zazen as a measure of time.
So “ZENKOH”incense is recommended for those who want to increase their concentration during Zen training.
Of course, it can also be used as a hobby incense for those who like the aroma of agarwood.

There are many types of incense agarwood, this ZENKOH is a calm and discreet fragrance.
Smoke is modest, so you can feel the aroma of agarwood naturally when you are using it, and it will may be easier to relax.

“ZENKOH” also has a lavender scent.
Please use your favorite scent.

Baieido Incense Sticks, ZEN incense Agarwood, large box

Baieido Incense Sticks, ZEN incense lavender, large box