Purchase on Kohgen World website and get incense holder and plate!

Do you know that April 18th (Tue.) is the Incense Day?
On this occasion, we have started the “Incense Day Fair” campaign on Kohgen World website!


You probably wonder why this particular day (April 18th) is the Incense Day.

In Japanese incense is written with the character: 香

When you disassemble this character into its parts you will have 一十八日 which stands for 18th day. What is more, according to the Nihonshoki (The Chronicles of Japan), Jinsui Koboku (fragrant wood sinking in water) has arrived in Japan for the first time in April.

This is why April 18th has become the Incense Day.

This year we have prepared incense holder and plate sets, which we are adding to all orders placed on our Kohgen World website as a gift for our international Customers!

Both plate and holder are made in Japan. On the plate, there is a traditional pattern called Karakusa (Arabesque pattern).

* The campaign is over when we give away all sets.

Access Kohgen World website and enjoy the campaign!http://kohgenworld.jugemcart.com/