Unique incenses from Daihatsu maker!


Today we would like to introduce two interesting incenses, which were lately presented by Fuji TV in the Ariyoshi Sanpo – walking program!

◆ Daihatsu maker “Chichi no Senaka” (Father`s Back)
◆ Daihatsu maker “Haha no Ai” (Mother`s Love)

“Chichi no Senaka” is Agarwood based and has quite a firm scent.
“Haha no Ai” has a sweet, calming scent created by adding a milky notes to sandalwood base.
Both of them are Less Smoke Type.

If you would like to know more about them, we invite you to read the descriptions our English site:
“Chichi no Senaka” (Father`s Back):

16142329_1348504655206513_6529688044475081320_n (1)

“Haha no Ai” (Mother`s Love)

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