Awaji Island

Do you know Awaji Island? It is also known as a “Flower Island”, since you can enjoy so many different types of flowers there.
Most of the traditional incense sticks “senkō” 【線香】are made on Awaji Island. Those incenses are known worldwide and valued for high quality of traditional production techniques. Currently Awaji Island is the leading manufacturer of incense in Japan, responsible for the production of 70% of all Japan’s incense.
The southern tip of Awaji lies a mere kilometer off the coast of Shikoku, at the other end of the island, the northern tip is close to the port city of Kobe on Honshu (around 50 kilometers away). Awaji is now connected to the mainland by the immense 3.5 km Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, which is the world’s longest suspension bridge.

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